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Commonwealth Telephone Co. Inc.

Commonwealth Telephone Co. Inc. was established in 1987 as a Massachusetts Corporation.  The initial idea for Commonwealth Telephone was a direct result of its original incorporators being owners of a coin operated vending machine company in Malden, Ma.  At the time, new Federal and State deregulation laws allowed for private competition in the coin phone market.  It has been and is currently owned and operated by the same family since inception.

Over the last twenty years, Commonwealth Telephone has grown and expanded into one of the larger private pay telephone companies covering the entire New England area.  We currently operate approximately six hundred public telephones located throughout various hospitals, truckstops, hotels, malls, gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores.

The products offered by Commonwealth Telephone consist of public coin and non-coin pay telephones.  The telephones are located both inside and outside.  The phones have intricate computer capabilities allowing remote access for troubleshooting and cash management direct from our office.  General maintenance is performed daily on scheduled routes.   This includes among other things, repairing handsets, coin jams, and coin collections.

Commonwealth Telephone has been actively involved for seventeen years in the New England Public Communications Counsel (NEPCC) and the American Public Communications Counsel (APCC).  These associations were formed many years ago to promote growth and prosperity in the public communications industry.  The quarterly association meetings are among friendly competitors to discuss and resolve any and all industry issues that may affect our longevity.

The owners and employees of Commonwealth Telephone Co. have built an exceptional reputation in public communications.  Over the years we’ve worked with and respected our competition regardless of their size and always got respect in return.  Commonwealth Telephone has entered partnerships to do service, maintenance, and installation for other local and nationwide payphone providers.  We currently service an additional five hundred pay phones for our associates.

We strive to offer the best product at the best price and at the same time provide personal service to our customers.

Commonwealth Telephone has thrived and will continue to flourish by offering products for today and tomorrow’s standards. 

Locations that Commonwealth Telephone currently owns and operates.

J.F. K. Federal Courthouse Dunkin Donuts Mass Eye & Ear Hospital
Beverly Hospital Quincy Hospital Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Elephant Walk Restaurants The Wang Center

Irving Blue Canoe Convenience Stores

Holiday Inn Express Hilton Hotels Honey Farms Convenience Stores
Madison Park High School English High School Jamaica Plain Community Center
Amerisuites Hotels Eastland Park Hotels  


      Along with numerous Restaurants, Gas Stations, and Convenience Stores

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